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What is My Thought App

An App that works when you Think

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Who is Thinking Me

Some one some where in the world is thinking of you, want to know who is thinking of you now

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I Think of

You may be thinking of some one you miss but how can you inform them when you are far away

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Access from Any Device

You can use this using the Browser or by Android App / Iphone App

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Its My Status

Your Loved one may be driving, know it before and don't give a call which can save their life. It not only does that but a lot more. Like Without picking up the call communicate with the caller.

See someone's status in real time while you call them. When some one calls you they can know your status in real time which would help them to take subsequent action. Like you have set a status that says you are sleeping. That means you will not respond to their call and you are not avoding them. This is a technology which can send message even without typing.

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Use it from Mobile or Tab

Want to Use the App

Download My Thought App or Its My Status from the Google Play store or App store to use it from your mobile device. Just use your mobile phone number to create the account.

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