Our Journey till now

Every one has a destination and to reach we need to keep on moving on the path

When we started our journey it was with a single step with just two associates and on the path we were joined by many some are still in the path and some have divreged there way but as a company we are still moving , making mistakes learning from them, again making mistakes and further learning new more things

We achieved many milestones and created many products on the move trying to make a mark on the road but never stopped at any point, destination are many so are milestones

Biswa has always been a Technology dreamer, who always thinks of new ideas.

Pursued Computer Science Engineering and after obtaining B.Tech moved to the ultimate destination for Technologist.

During his College days he was obssesed with VR and AI back in 2000. His talks at college would be predicting about new technologies and their implementation which is being done now.

He worked for Fortune 500 companies which includes DELL , NDS , TAVANT

He joined DELL as a Sr Software Engineer, moved to Sr Business & System Analysis role and after that managed a team of BAs for the global implemnetaion of ERP said to be the largest ERP implementation in the world.

After Leaving Dell he started up and currently he is Working on a new commerce called instantD , please check the failed product to understand what has been done by our company and the team till now.

He believes and always quotes

Some News Made By Us

We are a part of this age , for you.